Our History

Founded and continuing to grow since 1973, Trustco now enjoys the company of a vast association of dedicated agents who strive to deliver the best risk management services possible. Our clients run the gamut from large publicly traded companies, to the neighborhood bakery. A full service agency capable of providing or creating virtually any coverage you may need. Getting bigger hasn’t made us lose that small, personal feeling. We cater to creating products and services that meet our client’s specific needs, from the largest of private companies to the college student seeking affordable insurance for his car, What makes us different is how we treat you; with kindness and respect. This isn’t a business practice, it’s how we treat each other so it’s how we promise to treat you. We provide flexibility and accountability to our team so they can cut down on the red tape and make their own choices when helping you get ahead of things. Trustco is the only Insurance provider that helps you envision and protect a stable future with ease and pleasure.

We’ve been here for a long time, we’ve sharpened our risk insight and we know what being prepared looks like. We’ll show you, and help you, get to a place of security and peace of mind. Because, being ready is not enough; you have to be prepared for what may come as well.

The Four Pillars

Agile Intelligence

Reliability and peace of mind are just two byproducts of how we run our business. Thinking strategically and creating new ideas that focus on great solutions rather than on process is key. Accomplishing this, while demonstrating a consistently strong performance, means our clients know they can safely, steadily, rely on us.

Use Good Judgement

You have integrity and make responsible choices when preparing for the future, however, no matter how much you prepare, the future can be ambiguous and daunting. We know from experience what trusting your own good judgement means, when it comes to making big decisions, we’re right there with you. You may have it under control but, just in case, we’re here to help you continue to make wise choices, even if the future feels unmanageable.

Internal Locus Of Control

We give our agents a level of autonomy that is unprecedented in this business, allowing them to be more personally invested in what’s right for you. Because of this level of hands on, personal control, they are able to present choices, customized to your specific needs, that have your best interests firmly in mind. We do this so you can feel safe making responsible decisions that help you preserve and build upon a sustained success.

Kindness Is Part Of The Solution

Kindness and courtesy are always a given and we extend them to everyone, client and colleagues alike. We show this by listening well, not just waiting our turn to speak, but truly hearing your concerns, needs and dreams. What we hear allows us to consult you with better clarity and the utmost care. Some see kindness and courtesy as going the extra mile, to us, it’s simply the start of our journey together.

Meet The Team

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