Umbrella Insurance

With an umbrella liability policy in place, there are fewer worries about depleting valuable business assets or future income to cover catastrophic liability claims. An umbrella liability policy supplements many of your existing policy's liability limits to meet those needs. Coverages available for extension include.

Bodily Injury to Others

Suppose your business is held legally liable for the injuries of others. In that case, we extend our coverage to include mental anguish that results from bodily injury, sickness, or disease for which you're held responsible.

Personal and Advertising Injuries

Protect your business from claims of false arrest, malicious prosecution, libel, slander, wrongful eviction, discrimination or humiliation, or invasion of the right of privacy. We can also protect you if others claim you infringed on their copyrights in your advertisements or that you copied their advertising ideas.

Products or Completed Operations

For claims arising from the products you sell or the services you complete.

Auto Liability to Others

Some of the most significant losses suffered by businesses are a result of auto accidents. Whether your company owns, leases, or has salespeople who use their own cars, our Umbrella policy will extend the same primary coverage to your owned, hired, or non-owned auto liability exposures.

Business Activities

For some insurance companies, coverage extends personal and advertising injury liability protection to your Web site, including claims arising from your content, chat rooms, bulletin boards, or advertisements.

Additional Insureds

If a written contract requires you to name others as additional insureds on your primary policy, we'll automatically extend that status to them in the umbrella policy.** Hartford umbrella policies also include a $10,000 self-insured retention that acts like a deductible and applies to any covered loss for which there is no underlying coverage in place. When written over Hartford's primary business liability and auto coverage, the self-insured retention is often removed.

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