Professional & Management Liability

An increasing number of U.S.-based companies are expanding overseas. This growth brings new customers, new opportunities, and of course, unknown risks. These coverages are in place if an employee is injured while traveling abroad on business, a foreign manufacturer sues for a defective part your company supplied, or office equipment or supplies get damaged in a fire at the European sales office. Trustco has the products, services, and expertise to meet a wide range of international business insurance needs worldwide. Our coverages allow attorneys to defend you, in the country you're sued, with expertise in the local laws and regulations. Navigating international legal waters can be hectic. Having your insurance to guide you is essential.

By comparison, Professional Liability policies provide coverage for:

  • negligent acts, errors, or omissions in the performance of professional services for others.
  • Response to third-party claims – provides coverage if an Insured causes a financial loss to a client or customer caused by the Insured's products, services, or business activities.
  • Most policies pay on behalf of the Insured compensatory damages (actual damages, imposed by law) and consequential damages resulting from a wrongful act, error, or omission in the Insured's products or services.
  • Consequential damages caused by an injury but do not necessarily result directly from that injury.
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