Whether self-funded or traditional plans, underwriting is crucial to your plan's success. Our team will analyze your current needs along with historical results to negotiate your renewal.

Benchmarking: Understanding how you are doing compared with your peers is essential. This can be viewed in two important areas; Claims & Benefits Package. Your claims trends versus your peers help determine possible renewal rates. Your benefits package versus other companies enables you to educate employees on your specific benefits.

Forecasts & Analysis: As claims trend negatively, it's important to budget and analyze claims for their future premiums' effects. Trustco's benefits team helps analyze these trends to prevent or adjust wellness services to future claims.

Plan Analysis: Health & wellness programs, preventive medicine, and telehealth services are tools that can all help reduce claims & insurance utilization. However, without analysis, it's impossible to know how to apply & market these tools to employees.

Contact us for an underwriting review to see what improvements you may be overlooking.

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