Trustco's insurance partners provide flexible, affordable health insurance for individuals and families. Self-employed entrepreneurs, students, recent college graduates, and early retirees can get the coverage they need and get negotiated rates with network providers. Plus, many of our plans include some features often found only in employer health plans, such as preventive care coverage and wellness programs. All of our plans are backed by insurers with regulated and verified financial strength.


As healthcare costs continue to rise, we recognize the value of finding a reliable health insurance company that offers affordable health insurance for individuals. Trustco can help you find coverage that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

Choice & Flexibility

Trustco's health insurance plans allow you to choose from several plan types and deductible levels - and you may be able to add any extras you need at an additional cost. You have the flexibility to choose any doctor or hospital you prefer. However, when you select an insurer's in-network providers, the insurer will cover a more significant percentage of the cost. And most of the plans we offer are portable, so your coverage can continue if you move to another participating state.

Convenience & Service

For routine service, we don't believe in call centers. You have a dedicated agent ready to meet you in person, over the phone, or via email. However, if you're stranded at midnight and need help, we provide you with access to our fast, efficient claim services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
To see how affordable this extra protection can be, contact us to learn more!

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