Personal Insurance

As much as we plan for life events, from buying our first car, planning a wedding, or buying our first home, unforeseen incidents occur that we did not plan on, and as much as we would love for life to go according to plan, we have to admit life is unpredictable. No one anticipates or expects going into their day that something terrible could happen. For example, another car slamming into you after it runs a stop sign. T-bone the brand-new vehicle you just dove off the lot. No one plans for that. No one plans to have their pipes freeze and their basement to flood during the holidays while you are away for the week visiting family. There are so many "what if's" in life, and that is exactly why personal insurance exists. It is intended for when life unexpectedly happens that you can take it in stride and continue to go about your day, knowing your claim, will be handled efficiently and professionally. That is why we at Trustco wholeheartedly believe in our motto; We think ahead so you can take care of what matters.
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