Franchise Program

Trustco's Affinity Practice can extend benefits to both Franchisors and Franchisees on virtually any scale. We know you need to deliver services to franchisees and make it easier for them to focus on their business (and yours). Our Franchise programs help to those ends.

Franchisor Benefits

  • Insurance Compliance: Utilizing TrustCert, our Franchisors can verify that franchisee insurance is (1) current, (2) accurate, and (3) contains required endorsements. TrustCert is provided whether Franchisee purchases coverage through our program or maintains independent insurance.
  • Group Pricing: For specialty groups or high-risk operations, a franchise program can dramatically decrease costs (and availability). For all groups, extensive participation can quickly reduce rates.
  • Simplified Procurement: Because we underwrite the group, individual enrollment is simple. Most groups recognize a one-page policy where they make their requests and confirm their franchise status.
  • Dividend Opportunities: For some groups in certain jurisdictions, dividend options are available. Thus as your franchise continues to purchase coverage and maintain good safety, the Franchisor (or designated beneficiary) can reap the benefits.

Franchisee Benefits

  • Exclusive rates (discounted)
  • Exclusive endorsements & coverage
  • Assurance of insurance specifically built for your operations.
    Simplified enrollment (usually on-line)
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