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Have you ever wondered what would happen if a devastating earthquake struck your neighborhood? At Trustco, we've had many customers over the years wonder how their home is covered due to earthquakes, floods, landslides, and other catastrophic events. In 1975 Trustco formed the Homeowners Catastrophe Insurance Trust (HCIT). HCIT provides an economical approach to covering these major perils, principally earthquake, flood, and landslide. The program provides property protection for losses from disasters such as these, most of which are not covered by homeowners' policies.

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  • HCIT very much saves me time.  Very important when it comes to a closing on a loan for most of our customers, especially when they were not aware of home needing flood coverage until later in loan closing process.  It can be a make or break on a purchase for some of our customers. I have to say it’s Kimi Vasey She is so helpful and always does what she can do when I get customer/lender that is wanting something sooner than later, she also is very quick to get back to me if I email or leave her a message.  Gets documents sent so quick when I need them.  Makes my job easier!!


    Rossi Insurance / Idaho
  • The few policies we’ve written with you have been so simple and easy to quote and issue.
    That’s what I love about working with you.

    Kristi Glover, CISR

    Warren Reed Insurance / Nevada
  • Love the simplicity of your product.

    Jennifer Swenson

    Leavitt Group / Utah
  • This product is the easiest flood insurance product to offer our customers.  A very important part of our agency's offering and makes for a good relationship with NMIIA. Great coverage options and ease of quoting. Great underwriting assistance, and responsive professionals. Quick turnaround on quotes makes all the difference in closing policies.  In these days of technology, it's nice to have simplicity and speed. 

    Max O. Trujillo II

    Max Trujillo Insurance / New Mexico
  • I like this policy for the coverage given and the set price based on dwelling coverage. I like that there is no quoting, quick turnaround, the fact you don't calculate the rate off flood zones, you offer more $$, include other structures and the loss of use coverage.

     I like everything about HCIT.  HCIT saves me loads of time in regards to flood insurance. Keep doing what you do. Don’t change a thing!

    Rachel Aagenes

    Bison Insurance /  Helena, MT
  • The ease of doing business and premiums make HCIT stand out from other options. The application process has no quoting, quick turnaround, doesn't require elevation certificates, and the fact they don't calculate the rate of flood zones is refreshing and doesn't make my brain hurt. What makes me happiest about working with HCIT is my confidence in the product and its turnaround. Most companies take days to weeks to get a quote back. HCIT saves our CSR's a lot of time. 

    Tracy Parachini – Equestrian Specialist

    Goetz Insurors / CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency / Fort Morgan, CO
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